Events accompanied by a specialized medical exhibition

01 - 04 NOVEMBER 2018

Sport Hotel, Poiana Braşov, Romania


1/ All abstracts of the papers you wish to present during the meeting shall be submitted ONLINE, therefore please access the online abstract submission form.

2/ Abstracts sent via mail, fax or any e-mail address will NOT be accepted. 

3/ Presenting authors of the abstracts must register and pay the participation fee.
Abstracts of authors not registered and not having their participation fee paid will not be accepted.

4/ Abstracts should be written in English and they will not exceed 250 words.
Please note that the online form is set-up to receive texts that do not exceed 250 words so make sure your abstract is prepared accordingly.

5/ The content of the abstract must be of informational value and it should specify:
a) introduction - the objectives and purpose of your paper;
b) material and methods used;
c) results;
d) conclusions (please avoid using ambiguous phrases such as "results will be discussed").

6/ For the editing of your abstract:
• The title should be brief and clearly indicate the content with maximum precision and concision. 
• The abstract should not include graphics, tables, photos or sketches. The text will be written without paragraph alignment or any other indentation;
• Please ensure that your abstract does not contain spelling, grammatical or scientific errors. The abstracts will be published in the form sent by the authors, without revision.
• All abbreviations should be explained at their first use in the text. Do not use abbreviations that are not in accordance with the international rules. Please avoid using names and geographical references in the abstract body. 
• According to the rules of the Romanian College of Physicians, all submitted abstracts must be free of any commercial reference. It is not allowed to insert (in the title or content of the abstract) commercial names of products and/or companies. 
"Art. 16.2. The title of the conference/communication and all educational materials must be free of any commercial bias. Any reference to medicinal products will be made using only generic names".

7/ The number of the co-authors is limited to 10 (ten).
Spell out completely the names of all authors using full first and last names. Maintain consistency in author names on multiple abstracts to avoid duplication in the author index. 

The details of the authors shall provide the following information: full first name, full last name, institution, department, city, country.

8/ The bibliography is not mandatory. 
In case you want to include it in your abstract, please write no more than two references.

9/ Along with sending the abstract, the presenting author must also:
- take full responsibility for the presented content;
- confirm that all the authors of the submitted document are aware and agree with the content;

10/ Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
All authors are requested to disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest including any financial, personal or other relationships with other people or organizations that could inappropriately influence, or be perceived to influence their work.
The Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form is available in the online abstract submission form.

11/ Before the abstract submission deadline, submitters can go back and make changes to a submitted abstract at any time up to the deadline. 
To edit a submitted abstract please use the personalized link received in the abstract submission confirmation e-mail. 

12/ The authors will be notified if their abstract has been accepted starting with 01 October 2018.