Events accompanied by a specialized medical exhibition

01 - 04 NOVEMBER 2018

Sport Hotel, Poiana Braşov, Romania

Data protection

1.   Contact
This website is being administered by Ralcom Exhibitions, a Romanian private capital company which can be found on:
20A Raspantiilor Street, 020548, Bucharest-2, Romania
Phone: +40 210 58 14, 210 65 40, 211 15 41, 212 27 02
Fax: +40 21 212 27 02

2. Generalties
The following document is presenting the company policy concerning the acquisition and management of the personal data, the way these procedures are regulated by Law no. 677/2001, amended and supplemented.
For any questions or confusions regarding the terms used below, or for any other issues related to the way we understand to preserve the confidentiality of your personal data , we kindly ask you to contact us on the following email address:

3. What type of information do we collect about you?
RALCOM.RO collects information from its users in the following ways: directly from the user, from traffic reports recorded by the servers hosting the websites RALCOM.RO, as well as through its cookies.

Information provided directly by the user:
When you resort to a service provided by RALCOM.RO, we may ask what your name is, your email address and other personal information.

Traffic information from the report server:
When you visit a website, you disclose certain information, such as your IP address, time of your visit, the place where you entered our sites. RALCOM.RO, like other operators, record this information.

In order to offer a personalized service to our users, RALCOM.RO may use cookies to facilitate storing and tracking your preferences. For example, we may use cookies to identify you and to provide you information and services based on preferences you have expressed in your previous visits. Also, third party online advertisement networks may use cookies to customize advertising messages based on your preferences. Cookies represent ".Txt", type files provided to your browser by a web server in order to be stored on your computer's hard disk. The usage of cookies is a current standard in many important sites you currently visit. Most browsers are set to accept cookies. But if you want to prevent that from happening you can reset your browser to notify you whenever you receive a new cookie or to refuse accepting cookies. Instead, you must know that some sections of our website will not be visible.
You should also note that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information online (the online forums, e-mail program, FTP program, discussion groups, chat services), the information you provide may easily be collected and used by unauthorized persons. Although RALCOM.RO does its best to protect your personal information, RALCOM.RO can’t ensure or gurarantee the security of any type of information that you supply, so that the dissemination of information in an inappropriate environment is at your own risk. You must also understand that you are the only responsible for maintaining the privacy of information (passwords, usernames, etc.) related to accounts that were obtained through the usage of our services.

4. How and when the information is used
RALCOM.RO uses the information collected from you in several ways, depending on the type of information collected:
Information provided directly by the user: this information is only used to customize the service provided to you and verify your identity in order to sign any future contract between you and our company, after having used our online purchase service.
Information collected from RALCOM.RO server traffic report: this type of information helps us identify which specific sections of our sites are of interest to their users. RALCOM.RO also collects the IP addresses of its users in order to manage our computer system and avoid criminal activities; this also helps us communicate the anonymous models to our clients in the field of advertising.
Information collected through cookies: RALCOM.RO is using cookies to allow you to use its services in order to obtain statistical information that will allow us to improve our services. Cookies (as they were defined above) allow us to save your access passwords and your preferences so you don’t have to retype them next time you visit us.

5. How we protect your information
Both confidentiality and protection of information collected from you is very important to us. RALCOM.RO doesn’t provide the information collected from you to third parties without your prior consent. Any traffic statistics regarding our users, that we provide to third advertising networks or to partner websites, is provided only as a set of data and doesn’t include any personally identifiable information about any individual user.

Your access to some services and information in the site is password protected. We recommend you do not disclose this password to anyone. RALCOM.RO will not require your password account sending messages or making phone calls. We advise that you do not disclose this password to anyone. We also recommend you to close the browser window of the websites provided by RALCOM.RO.

Please take these tips in order to eliminate unauthorized access to your personal information or your mail when working in a network of computers located in a public place. (in Internet cafes, for example).

Unfortunately, no data transmission through the internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Consequently, despite our efforts to protect your personal information, RALCOM.RO can’t ensure or guarantee the security of the information transmitted through our online services or products. Therefore, we warn you that any information sent to us will be at your own risk.
However, we guarantee that we’ll do our best to ensure the security of our systems, required by the Romanian law.

6. Who has access to your information
Excepting the above cases, RALCOM.RO will not disclose any personally identifiable information about its users to any third party without the approval of its users.

However, at the same time, RALCOM.RO may disclose personally identifiable information when the law requires it or when is necessary to protect RALCOM.RO rights and interests.

In conclusion, when accessing RALCOM.RO websites and you are asked to disclose information about you, you will disclose this information only RALCOM.RO websites, except the case when the service or the information is provided to a partner website or service.

However, each time this type of service is provided in partnership with another website, you will be informed about this. In order to provide you the highest standards, it is necessary to share your personal information to a partner website or service. If you do not want your data be shared, you can consequently proceed by not allowing data transfer by not using that particular service.

However, if you choose to agree to share data, you must know that the providers of the partner service may have separate ways of privacy and data collection. RALCOM.RO has no control and can not guarantee on all legal issues regarding the usage of these independent privacy practices.

7. How we can correct errors in data collected from you
If you create an account to one of our services, we can send you an e-mail confirmation in order to provide you the details of your new account. The confirmation message will be sent at the e-mail you provided to us and will describe the possibilities by which you can modify or delete the account details that you just created. We advise that you keep this e-mail confirmation, especially if contains information that can be useful when there are problems accessing our services.

8. Sharing information to third parties
RALCOM.RO websites can use the services of advertising companies for setting targets and supporting advertising campaigns and other messages regarding the marketing activity. To do so, these companies may collect anonymous information using cookies. To the extent that happens, RALCOM.RO will include in its privacy agreement links to the confidentiality agreements of partner advertising networks.